Een ode aan alle leuke muziek uit de 20ste eeuw
Super solden: 2 hits voor de prijs van 1
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1. Them
Gloria b/w Baby please don't go 31
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival
Who'll stop the rain? b/w Traveling band 30
3. Monkees
I'm a believer b/w Steppin' stone 27
4. Elvis Presley
Hound dog b/w Don't be cruel 21
5. Queen
We will rock you b/w We are the champions 21
6. Rod Stewart
Maggie May b/w Reason to believe 21
7. Buddy Holly & Crickets
Peggy Sue b/w Every day 20
8. Beach Boys
God only knows b/w Wouldn't it be nice? 19
9. Beatles
Penny Lane b/w Strawberry fields forever 19
10. Beatles
Strawberry fields forever b/w Penny Lane 19
11. Dave Berry
This strange effect b/w Now 18
12. Donovan
Atlantis b/w To Susan on the West Coast waiting 17
13. Johnny Cash
I walk the line b/w Get rhythm 17
14. Creedence Clearwater Revival
Traveling band b/w Who'll stop the rain? 15
15. Elvis Presley
Don't be cruel b/w Hound dog 15
16. Kinks
Mister Pleasant b/w Autumn almanac 15
17. Aretha Franklin
I say a little prayer b/w The house that Jack built 14
18. Linda Ronstadt
Blue bayou b/w It's so easy 14
19. Linda Ronstadt
It's so easy b/w Blue bayou 14
20. Queen
We are the champions b/w We will rock you 14
21. Rolling Stones
Tell me b/w Route 66 14
22. Beach Boys
Wouldn't it be nice? b/w God only knows 12
23. Neil Sedaka
Oh! Carol b/w One way ticket 12
24. Ricky Nelson
Hello Mary Lou b/w Travelin' man 12
25. Ritchie Valens
Donna b/w La Bamba 12
26. Bill Withers
Ain't no sunshine b/w Harlem 11
27. Boney M
Daddy cool b/w Sunny 11
28. Dalida
Gigi l'Amoroso b/w Il venait d'avoir 18 ans 11
29. Harry Belafonte
Island in the sun b/w Coconut woman 11
30. Kinks
Autumn almanac b/w Mister Pleasant 11
31. Redbone
Witch queen of New Orleans b/w Chant: 13th hour 11
32. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
Jackson b/w You only live twice 10
33. Four Seasons
Silence is golden b/w Rag doll 9
34. Guess Who
American woman b/w No sugar tonight 9
35. Will Tura
M'n winterroosje b/w Arme Joe 9
36. Ritchie Valens
La Bamba b/w Donna 8
37. Rod Stewart
Reason to believe b/w Maggie May 8
38. Michel Polnareff
Love me, please love me b/w L'amour avec toi 7
39. Sam Cooke
Bring it on home to me b/w Having a party 7
40. Byrds
I'll feel a whole lot better b/w All I really want to do 6
41. Johnny Cash
Get rhythm b/w I walk the line 6
42. Roy Orbison
Blue bayou b/w Mean woman blues 6
43. Them
Baby please don't go b/w Gloria 6
44. Trini Lopez
If I had a hammer b/w America 6
45. Will Tura
Arme Joe b/w M'n winterroosje 6
46. Carole King
I feel the earth move b/w It's too late 5
47. Everly Brothers
Bird dog b/w Devoted to you 5
48. Carole King
It's too late b/w I feel the earth move 4
49. Cliff Richard
Bachelor boy b/w The next time 4
50. Paul Anka
Puppy love b/w Adam and Eve 4
51. Randy Newman
Birmingham b/w Naked man 4
52. Simon & Garfunkel
The 59th Street Bridge Song b/w At the zoo 4
53. Aretha Franklin
The house that Jack built b/w I say a little prayer 3
54. Boney M
Sunny b/w Daddy cool 3
55. Byrds
All I really want to do b/w I'll feel a whole lot better 3
56. Dalida
Il venait d'avoir 18 ans b/w Gigi l'Amoroso 3
57. Everly Brothers
Devoted to you b/w Bird dog 3
58. Gene Pitney
Jukebox b/w Only love can break a heart 3
59. Gene Pitney
Only love can break a heart b/w Jukebox 3
60. Monkees
Steppin' stone b/w I'm a believer 3
61. Nancy Sinatra
You only live twice b/w Jackson 3
62. Neil Sedaka
One way ticket b/w Oh! Carol 3
63. Ricky Nelson
Travelin' man b/w Hello Mary Lou 3
64. Sam Cooke
Having a party b/w Bring it on home to me 3
65. Trini Lopez
America b/w If I had a hammer 3
66. Buddy Holly & Crickets
Every day b/w Peggy Sue 2
67. Coasters
Charlie Brown b/w Three cool cats 2
68. Coasters
Three cool cats b/w Charlie Brown 2
69. Dave Berry
Now b/w This strange effect 2
70. Four Seasons
Rag doll b/w Silence is golden 2
71. Harry Belafonte
Coconut woman b/w Island in the sun 2
72. Perry Como
Magic moments b/w Catch a falling star 2
73. Randy Newman
Naked man b/w Birmingham 2
74. Redbone
Chant: 13th hour b/w Witch queen of New Orleans 2
75. Rosemary Clooney
This ole house b/w Hey there 2
76. Roy Orbison
Mean woman blues b/w Blue bayou 2
77. Slim Whitman
Rose Marie b/w Indian love call 2
78. Bill Withers
Harlem b/w Ain't no sunshine 1
79. Bobbejaan Schoepen
Een hutje op de hei b/w In de schaduw van de mijn 1
80. Bobby Day
Rockin' robin b/w Over and over 1
81. Chubby Checker
Hooka Tooka b/w Loddy Lo 1
82. Cliff Richard
The next time b/w Bachelor boy 1
83. Johnny Mathis
Chances are b/w The twelfth of never 1
84. Michel Polnareff
L'amour avec toi b/w Love me, please love me 1
85. Pat Boone
Love letters in the sand b/w Bernardine 1
86. Paul Anka
Adam and Eve b/w Puppy love 1
87. Perry Como
Catch a falling star b/w Magic moments 1
88. Rays
Silhouettes b/w Daddy cool 1
89. Rolling Stones
Route 66 b/w Tell me 1
90. Rosemary Clooney
Hey there b/w This ole house 1
91. Simon & Garfunkel
At the zoo b/w The 59th Street Bridge Song 1
92. Slim Whitman
Indian love call b/w Rose Marie 1
93. Bobbejaan Schoepen
In de schaduw van de mijn b/w Een hutje op de hei 0
94. Bobby Day
Over and over b/w Rockin robin 0
95. Chubby Checker
Loddy Lo b/w Hooka Tooka 0
96. Donovan
To Susan on the West Coast waiting b/w Atlantis 0
97. Guess Who
No sugar tonight b/w American woman 0
98. Johnny Mathis
The twelfth of never b/w Chances are 0
99. Pat Boone
Bernardine b/w Love letters in the sand 0
100. Rays
Daddy cool b/w Silhouettes 0